Google Introduces Page Analytics Chrome Extension

You can’t run a successful business these days without a high-performing website. Google Analytics offers a comprehensive way to keep track of how visitors are interacting with your site, but what if you want a clear picture of what visitors are doing on each page?

The new Page Analytics extension for Chrome gives you this insight. To get started, download the extension from the Chrome store and make sure you have the right permissions in your Google Analytics account for the pages you want to track. Once in place, the extension links up with Analytics to provide you with access to your settings.


When you navigate to individual pages of your site, Page Analytics allows you to assess both total and unique Pageviews, the average time a user spends on the page, the bounce rate, percent of exit and the number of active visitors on the page at the time. Using graphic “bubbles” in colors ranging from blue to red, the extension shows the click rate on all clickable page elements.

You can customize what you see with the Page Analytics extension by setting a click threshold so elements below that threshold won’t display a bubble. Bubble colors may also be turned on or off. Depending on what you’re looking to analyze, you can choose to view all page data or just real-time information. Click through the Segments you’ve created in Google Analytics to see how every part of your website is performing and gain an understanding of what needs updating.

Page Analytics gives webmasters and business owners a handy way to check website performance right from the Chrome browser. This offers up-to-date information that can be used to optimize every aspect of the website from navigation to calls to action, leading to better performance and a higher conversion rate.

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