WordPress Releases version 4.0 “Benny”

WordPress 4.0 “Benny” has been released, spearheaded by Helen Hou-Sandí and contributed to by 275 other individuals. This newest release got its name of “Benny” thanks to the popular clarinet-playing jazz bandleader Benny Goodman, and it can now be downloaded in the WordPress dashboard. Benny’s numerous improvements give you a more effortless and pleasurable experience in your writing.


You can now explore your media with unparalleled enjoyment brought to you by a limitless grid. Detail previewing allows for editing to be a breeze, which you’ll simply love, because the formatting tools stay readily available and the editor broadens to fit your content.

Embedding links is smooth and simple. It’s as easy as cutting and pasting your YouTube link on a line, and it becomes an embedded video. You’ll get a sneak peak of your video, which means you can be sure you’ve got the right link and can breathe a sigh of relief, dropping the concern that you may have missed a letter or symbol. With WordPress 4.0 Benny, you’ll be able to see it right away. There are lots more services that are now backed automatically as well, so you can also embed links from Twitter, CollegeHumor and TED, among others.


With over 30,000 free and open source plugins available through WordPress, Benny has added improvements to streamline your search, using metrics and a more visual experience in a blogging format so you can pick out exactly what you’re looking for.

Overall the improved editing, the effortless embedding and simplified search make WordPress 4.0 Benny a welcome update for an enhanced writing experience.

How Can Conversion Optimization Benefit You?


Conversion optimization refers to the rate at which you can use your web layout and content to convert visitors into paying customers or users who complete another desired action, such as filling out personal information in a web form. It’s customary for business website owners to study how changing their website’s design in different ways will affect their conversion optimization rate. Often, business owners will use controlled experiments to study different variations of the same web page.

Say, for example, you create two versions of a checkout page for your online store. One screen features the customer’s total and payment information. It’s your control variable. The second screen, or the experimental variation, includes the same total and payment information plus a customer’s itemized list of items selected for purchase. The second version gives a customer a snapshot of how the sales total was reached, including costs for taxes and shipping. You can set up the website to direct visitors equally to these two versions of the checkout page and study which version, control or experimental, produces higher sales volume. Then, you will know which checkout page design to keep.

Every time you want to update your site’s design, it’s worth asking whether you need to perform some form of split testing. You may decide to test more than two variations of a page and study different effects, not just sales or lead volume.

Conversion optimization will help you understand which website updates will affect your conversion rate and positively or negatively influence your business goals, including sales volume, number of converted customers, and lead volume. Use this split testing to continually assess which combination of web page text, design, layout, colors, and more resonate with a target audience. You always want the combination with the highest conversion rate.

Google Introduces Page Analytics Chrome Extension

You can’t run a successful business these days without a high-performing website. Google Analytics offers a comprehensive way to keep track of how visitors are interacting with your site, but what if you want a clear picture of what visitors are doing on each page?

The new Page Analytics extension for Chrome gives you this insight. To get started, download the extension from the Chrome store and make sure you have the right permissions in your Google Analytics account for the pages you want to track. Once in place, the extension links up with Analytics to provide you with access to your settings.


When you navigate to individual pages of your site, Page Analytics allows you to assess both total and unique Pageviews, the average time a user spends on the page, the bounce rate, percent of exit and the number of active visitors on the page at the time. Using graphic “bubbles” in colors ranging from blue to red, the extension shows the click rate on all clickable page elements.

You can customize what you see with the Page Analytics extension by setting a click threshold so elements below that threshold won’t display a bubble. Bubble colors may also be turned on or off. Depending on what you’re looking to analyze, you can choose to view all page data or just real-time information. Click through the Segments you’ve created in Google Analytics to see how every part of your website is performing and gain an understanding of what needs updating.

Page Analytics gives webmasters and business owners a handy way to check website performance right from the Chrome browser. This offers up-to-date information that can be used to optimize every aspect of the website from navigation to calls to action, leading to better performance and a higher conversion rate.

#frontendconf Wrap-Up

I remember attending the first Front-End Design Conference back in July of 2009. I had recently attended Future of Web Apps in Miami and was excited that there was going to be a web development conference right in our backyard in beautiful St. Petersburg, Florida. I had no idea this would become my favorite conference to attend each and every year.

Although it started small, each year the conference grew exponentially in quality, attendees and fun. The Statistically.com team has attended the conference each and every year and are sad to report that this year was the last. We’re certainly hoping another member of the community takes the initiative to organize a similar conference in years to come!

With all of that said, we’ve learned a ton and have formed many strong friendships and partnerships all thanks to organizers Dan Denney, his wonderful wife Cherrie and their entire family. We’re so thankful to have such a talented and generous team of organizers right here in Tampa Bay. Thanks for all you’ve given, Denney family. Your generosity will never be forgotten!

Our own Kelsey Beckman networking with #frontendconf attendees!

Our own Kelsey Beckman networking with #frontendconf attendees!

Use Digital Marketing to Get Ahead in Tampa’s Thriving Economy

Want to learn more? See how Statistically.com can help grow your business today.

Thanks to its welcoming business environment and strong consumer spending numbers, Tampa Bay is an attractive location for businesses in a wide variety of industries. According to 2013 data, more than 50 large companies in the area employ more than 1,000 employees each. The strong employment market paired with competitive incentives for new business owners means that the greater Tampa area offers one of the most promising markets in Florida.

Nationally, Tampa Bay is ranked as the third best city in which to find a job. Great employment opportunities in our local area are thanks largely to the strong business environment. A wide variety of businesses that cater to the needs of tourists and local alike have found great economic success in our local area despite a struggling national economy.

Of course, business owners in the area who want to take advantage of positive economic trends have to do more than sit back and wait for their businesses to grow. As the area becomes a popular destination for job seekers and consumers alike, businesses must ramp up their digital and mobile marketing efforts to ensure that they’re reaching new customers and keeping their current customers engaged. After all, nothing is more important in today’s competitive business environment than a strong online image.

When it comes to making a big splash online, of course, it’s essential to run successful social media marketing campaigns. These campaigns combine strong brand image awareness with search engine optimization (SEO) practices designed to attract the customers who are most likely to patronize your business. Of course, good digital marketing practices also help potential customers find business owners in their local area.

In addition to building a strong social media presence and targeting customers who rely on their mobile devices to find new businesses, online marketing efforts should also reach beyond social media. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns provide business owners with a way to reach out to potential customers while only paying for those ads with which consumers interact. PPC campaigns can help you cut down on marketing spending while still reaching clients in our local area.

Businesses in our area are thriving today thanks to a strong economy and great business development incentives. If you’re serious about taking your company’s growth one step farther, consider investing in comprehensive marketing strategies. Making yourself available to clients both online and in the real world is one of the best ways to build brand prestige and repeat business.

Want to learn more? See how Statistically.com can help grow your business today.