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WordPress Releases version 4.0 “Benny”

WordPress 4.0 “Benny” has been released, spearheaded by Helen Hou-Sandí and contributed to by 275 other individuals. This newest release got its name of “Benny” thanks to the popular clarinet-playing jazz bandleader Benny Goodman, and it can now be downloaded in the WordPress dashboard. Benny’s numerous improvements give you a more effortless and pleasurable experience […]

How Can Conversion Optimization Benefit You?

Conversion optimization refers to the rate at which you can use your web layout and content to convert visitors into paying customers or users who complete another desired action, such as filling out personal information in a web form. It’s customary for business website owners to study how changing their website’s design in different ways […]

Google Introduces Page Analytics Chrome Extension

You can’t run a successful business these days without a high-performing website. Google Analytics offers a comprehensive way to keep track of how visitors are interacting with your site, but what if you want a clear picture of what visitors are doing on each page? The new Page Analytics extension for Chrome gives you this […]

#frontendconf Wrap-Up

I remember attending the first Front-End Design Conference back in July of 2009. I had recently attended Future of Web Apps in Miami and was excited that there was going to be a web development conference right in our backyard in beautiful St. Petersburg, Florida. I had no idea this would become my favorite conference […]

Use Digital Marketing to Get Ahead in Tampa’s Thriving Economy

Thanks to its welcoming business environment and strong consumer spending numbers, Tampa Bay is an attractive location for businesses in a wide variety of industries. According to 2013 data, more than 50 large companies in the area employ more than 1,000 employees each. The strong employment market paired with competitive incentives for new business owners means […]