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Our Process

  • Discovery

    Nobody knows your business better than you. Before we can effectively plan and execute any digital marketing strategy we must immerse ourselves in your world and learn as much as we possibly can about your business, core value, goals and industry.

  • Market & Competitive Analysis

    Where are your competitors advertising? Where are your competitors lacking? What costs are associated with advertising in your industry? What are the best opportunities for your business? These are all questions we seek to answer during our thorough market and competitive analysis!

  • Strategy

    No two digital marketing campaigns are alike. Each business, industry and target demographic requires a unique approach. Our team of digital marketing professionals will research the best marketing opportunities for your individual business. We will collaborate with you to draft your initial marketing deliverables: text ads, display ads, promotions, placements, keywords, etc.

  • Launch

    This is where it gets really fun! We’ll coordinate with you on launch dates and priorities. After launch we’ll thoroughly review and test to ensure your campaign is executed smoothly.

  • Monitor

    Aggressively monitoring your digital marketing campaign’s performance is key, most importantly in the immediate days, weeks, and month after launch. We’re always watching to ensure we’re meeting your goals, attracting the customers you want and offering the best ROI possible.

  • Optimize

    Optimization goes hand in hand with monitoring. We evolve your campaigns by collaborating with you in response to the data that we collect during monitoring. Our team considers optimization an opportunity to make changes that will have a big impact on your marketing success.

  • Test, Test & Test Some More

    Increasing the ROI of your digital marketing campaign requires constant testing and evolution of your digital marketing campaigns. We consistently test new ads, creative, keywords, placement and landing page design to determine exactly what relates best to your target demographic. We’re never through testing, even once we’ve achieved what others may consider optimum performance.

  • Expand & Conquer

    Once we’ve achieved an acceptable level of performance with your initial digital marketing campaign it’s time to analyze and discuss expanding to other markets and mediums. A lot of what we’ve already learned during the optimization of your initial campaign will allow us to execute an expanded campaign and realize success more quickly!